Equipment and facilities

In our facilities, which are in Cuernavaca, Morelos, we have:

Three language speaking engineers (Spanish, English and German).

Extensive electrical, electronic and mechanical library, from American and European suppliers.

Electronic laboratory in which we can develop microprocessor systems.

Design room with four workstations using SolidWorks (3D). We can work with IGES, STEP, DXF and DWG files.

Ample warehouse with a lot of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and mechanical spare parts.(most of them are metric).

Complete containers with mechanical and electrical tools, which are used for field service.

Machinery and tools area:
– 3 vertical milling machines TOS-FNK25A.
– 1 CNC BRIDGEPORT (XYZ) milling machine.
– 1 Universal milling machine SANCHES BLANES FU-1
– 1 lathes ROMI-S20, ROMI S-20 A.
– 1 Boring spindle MINITAGO-30S.
– 1 Boring machine SANCHES BLANES TB-19mm.

All our machines have HEIDENHAIN linear read outs.

Assembly and start-up area with electrical supply (127V, 220V, 440V), compressed air, vacuum and pressurized grease supply.

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